Futuristic Packaging Which Provides A Cost Effective Solution To Our Customers While Protecting The Environment And Providing On Time Delivery.


We are continuously working towards giving you the product and quality you require while also trying to Reduce the Impact it has on the Earth.


Our reputation as the dependable & quality manufacturer has spread far & wide. With world class machinery we are capable of delivering over 36000 MT/year of best quality recyclable films to the packaging industry.

High Quality Prints

With world class high precision machines, we are capable of printing up-to 10 colour jobs with various demanding effects like Vignette, Matte, Gloss as well as Secured Prints.


We are highly invested in our High Precision R&D tools & labs to come up with various new innovations & products to be able to stay ahead of the times.

Our Innovations

Let's Make a Difference Together

Multi Layered Films made with the aid of Multi-Gifted Team

Great products are completed via ideal packaging. And regardless of what your demands are for the product films, our company with its high-end machines and expert team lays the foundation for a perfect product at the very beginning of the extrusion method. We manufacture 36,000 tons of films in Mono and Co-extrusion features annually in a totally automated system with the best tolerances for film thickness. Mehta Flex is likewise one of the few organizations that have 7 & 9 layer capability and only the best and finest raw materials from leading suppliers are used in this process.

We Print Excellence. New Precision in Flexographic Printing

Perfect products are recognized via fascinating graphics and first-rate printing excellence. As considered one of the largest and most modern Flexographic Printing Centers in India, Mehta Flex has been a Pioneer in Precision Flexographic Printing Strategies, bringing qualitative printing to a new frontier. Our highly automated press allows customers to have the best Quality & Flexibility.

Our “Barrier Films” will always Lead you to the Road of Success

As products emerge as more complex in their making, higher needs are loaded on Wrapping & Packaging substances to offer various smart functions nowadays, which are important for product integrity like Barrier property, Puncture Resistance, Sealing Functions in addition to Desirable Graphics. Our high-tech laminating machines permit us to supply a wide range of satisfactory laminated films to satisfy those requirements which might be Solvent-Free, Power-Saving, and Environment Friendly. After processing, we cut the laminated film to suit the specifications of your wrapping structures.

Converting Precision: Made with Pleasure and Made to Measure

Flexible packaging for Frozen foods, Poultry Products, Hygienic Articles, and Carry Bags are manufactured. In addition to films, we also manufacture bags for many different customized applications to your requirements. Precision manufacturing ensures Dimensional Accuracy.